Director and CEO

Bilal Ahmad Afridi

With a rich and dynamic career spanning eight years in the web industry, I have had the privilege of serving over a hundred clients during my initial years as a freelance professional. Over the past three years, my journey has evolved into the realm of team leadership, as I’ve successfully managed and nurtured a remote team.

However, the desire to create something exceptional has always burned within me. In pursuit of this passion, I ventured to establish my own studio—a place where individuals converge daily to ideate, innovate, and collaborate physically.

In summary, my entrepreneurial journey has led to the inception of a business that embodies the aspirations of both our dedicated team members and esteemed clients. Our unwavering commitment revolves around the fusion of hard work and enjoyment, ensuring that each endeavor we undertake is not only fruitful but also a source of profound satisfaction.

Bilal Ahmad Afridi - Director and CEO at Inqiludio Digital


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