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Without limits, design and build a website design with our expert WordPress Designer and Developer. WordPress gives you complete control over all aspects of your website.

Because we dislike placing limitations on what you can do with your own website, we went with the WordPress CMS to provide you complete control over your projects. faster than most other commercial CMS solutions, enabling you to update your website. Consequently, you will have more time to concentrate on other aspects of your organization.

Our web developers can create an SEO-friendly, aesthetically beautiful website for your company with outstanding image content that you’ll be thrilled to share as a specialized WordPress CMS Agency. Whether you are headquartered in Peshawar, Pakistan, or somewhere else in the world, we can still work with you.

We're honored to be acknowledged as a legitimate wooCommerce and WordPress Plugins community members.

Our team has WordPress development experience, in-depth knowledge of WordPress CMS projects, and displays professional and trustworthy business practices. You may have confidence in our design and development team of WordPress CMS developers and know that you are working with a reputable company that is familiar with WordPress CMS.

WordPress CMS works with loads of plugins

You can rely on WordPress Website Designer

Our team of 4 WordPress website designers and developers collaborates with clients from all over the world.

We don't outsource any web development projects, we manage all WordPress CMS and wooCommerce projects in-house.

Are you searching for a Peshawar-based full-service WordPress CMS agency or a freelance WordPress developer?

We believe you’ve come to the ideal place if you’re looking for a reliable WordPress CMS Developer who can manage a website project from start to end. We can design and develop distinctive websites for clients that are suited to your needs using our years of website designing and development experience, making sure your new website is secure, mobile responsive, fast loading, sturdy, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly, and looks beautiful.

With a long-term partnership through Shape Support, we can also take care of SEO and web hosting while enhancing and changing your website as your business evolves.

So, whether you’re searching for a WordPress CMS Agency to work with or a freelance WordPress Developer, we think we can be of assistance. No matter where you are located in the world in Pakistan, or anywhere else get in touch with us to see how we can help.

We Create and Design just what you require.

We can future-proof your WordPress website from design to development with no limitations.

Your brand content may be easily created and managed.

You can receive instruction from us on how to quickly and effectively upgrade WordPress.

Dependable, scalable, and secure

A reputable group of WordPres developers who offer strong support and a number of ready-made plugins.

Developers of the WordPress CMS who can
assist you in creating a website you're proud of

WordPress Websites

Testing, Design, Development, and Responsive. No matter how big or little the process, we can assist.

WordPress Migrations

Don’t Like Shopify, Wix, and Webflow? We agree. Let's switch your current website over to WordPress CMS from these CMS.

WordPress Hosting

It's crucial to have the right server configuration, and we can take care of setup, deployment, and hosting maintenance.

WordPress Multisite

Employing shared templates, be able to instantly publish content across several websites.

WordPress Maintenances

We can manage the current project you have. Maintain an error-free and current website using the WordPress CMS.

Multilingual Websites

Ideal for websites that require multiple languages.


WordPress projects that we've worked on

What our past clients says about us.

Dave Duggal
Dave Duggal
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"Working with Bilal at Inqiludio was one of my best website development experiences. Bilal was responsive, talented and flexible. Most importantly, he was a good collaborator and worked closely with me to realize my vision for the new website. He also coordinated design of all the sites graphics and animations. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for website development."
Farukh Tamboli
Farukh Tamboli
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"Bilal at Inqiludio delivers the best quality work as always and I continue to enjoy working with him. His communication is top-notch, he meets all deadlines, and his skills are very strong."
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"I love working with them! They are true professionals and provides excellent service and work quality!!"

Frequently Asked Brand Questions

Despite the possibility that you haven’t yet heard of it. Global firms including Netflix, Ikea, Sonos, Wrangler, and Ideo all use the WordPress content management system. In addition, Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the Web, picked it as the CMS for the W3C, the organisation in charge of bringing standardisation to the Web.
WordPress CMS was created on top of the PHP and MySQL framework Yii. As opposed to being built on no framework at all, this enables CMS enhancements and security patches to be sent out more quickly. It makes use of Twig to enable us to quickly develop functionality for your project and give your site a professional appearance. Additionally, it comes with GraphQL natively, enabling it to function as a Headless CMS, and it is simple to integrate with contemporary static websites.
WordPress CMS is an open source CMS, which means that in addition to being developed for business purposes by Pixel & Tonic (the Founders of WordPress CMS), it also gives the community the opportunity to make their own improvements. allowing for quicker functionality and security patch updates than if it were being developed privately.
Although our web design company is situated in Peshawar, Pakistan, we serve clients all over the world, including those in London, the United States, Miami, Barcelona, Paris, Hong Kong, Zurich, and Amsterdam, to mention a few. When COVID is done and everything is back to normal, our CEO, Bilal Ahmed Afridi, will resume travelling the world and setting up in-person meetings to give everything a more personalised touch.
No. The WordPress CMS is quite well-liked, and there is a variety of agencies that specialise in it. You might choose another company to handle your project in the future if you chose to move away from us since we’re not the only ones who use the WordPress CMS. P.S. We’re not going to disappear with your cash either; we’re here to stay.

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