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We offer various types of support plans to help you grow your business online. Our plans are designed to be cost-effective and provide you with the level of support you need.

We’re here to help

No matter what your question is, we’ll make sure you get the answer you need. Our team of experts is happy to provide guidance and advice for all your needs.

Support for all types of websites

Your website is unique, and so is our support plan. Whether it’s WordPress, Webflow, Shopify, Wix, or any other platform, we have an expert on hand who can help you out!

In the last ten years, we've developed a number of lasting relationships with clients, and we're proud of them.

We recognise the value of openness and communication. Inform the client if the job takes longer than expected. Be honest and say it’s not possible if the job can’t be completed within the client’s budget. Provide alternatives. Shape Support does exactly that; we provide our services for a predetermined period of time each month. If you don’t use all of your time in one month or go over your allotted time, it rolls over to the following month.

We work with start-up businesses through to global organisations

Are you having trouble locating a
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Our team is based in Peshawar, Pakistan but we work with clients all over the world.

We don't outsource anything; we manage each project in-house. We also realise the importance of communication.

Frequently Asked Questions About Inqiludio Support

How much time do you need per month?

Depending on how complicated your site is, it could take anywhere from a half-day to a month.

It's our job to advise

Upgrades, fresh features, bug fixes, and performance improvements will all be suggested.

Each task is trackable per month

We use Asana so that you, the client, can add tasks and check what we’ve accomplished each month.

Inqiludio Support clients we've worked with

What our past clients says about us.

Dave Duggal
Dave Duggal
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"Working with Bilal at Inqiludio was one of my best website development experiences. Bilal was responsive, talented and flexible. Most importantly, he was a good collaborator and worked closely with me to realize my vision for the new website. He also coordinated design of all the sites graphics and animations. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for website development."
Farukh Tamboli
Farukh Tamboli
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"Bilal at Inqiludio delivers the best quality work as always and I continue to enjoy working with him. His communication is top-notch, he meets all deadlines, and his skills are very strong."
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"I love working with them! They are true professionals and provides excellent service and work quality!!"

Frequently Asked Brand Questions

Inqiludio Support is the term given for our support plan, which is here to help you grow your business online through a website that performs well.

This works by securing a certain amount of time per month, it means that our team of experts can consistently fix bugs that arise, test in new browsers, add extra functionality to improve user experience, integrate new plugins, add new design features, and check performance.

You can have half a day per month, 1 day per month, 3 days per month – it all depends on your growth plans. We are here to evolve and grow your website, and also fix issues that arise. Inqiludio Support is paying for our time to work on the site rather than letting it get outdated.

We can work on an ad hoc basis, but we are a busy studio. There will be a waiting list to get work in our diary – so if that’s acceptable, no problem.

We allow you as the client to add tasks and review what we’ve done each month via the online application, Monday (we used to use Trello). This way each task you set is trackable per month, so you’ll know exactly when and how much of your time is being used.

Here at Inqiludio, we understand the importance of communication and transparency. If you don’t use all your time one month, or you go over your time allocated – it carries across to the next month and vice versa. If a job takes longer than expected or we don’t think it’s possible with the budget – we will let you know! If you need a job doing urgently, we will do it – no need to wait for the next month if your hours are already at capacity.

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